Open Flow Microperfusion (OFM)

Open flow microperfusion (OFM) is a novel, tissue-specific sampling technique that builds on the strengths of minimally invasive, interstitial sampling methods such as microdialysis (MD). OFM uses patented membrane-free probes with macroscopic openings which create an exchange area for the probe’s perfusate and the surrounding interstitial fluid (ISF). OFM samples represent a diluted, but unfiltered, ISF and thus contain all substances regardless of their physico-chemical properties (e.g. lipophilicity) or molecular size (e.g. antibodies, nanocarriers). Continuous OFM sampling provides dynamic substance profiles and absolute substance quantification in the investigated target tissues and is currently available for brain, skin, and adipose tissue.

OFM is a valuable tool in neuroscience, dermatology, oncology, biomarker research and PK-PD studies.

Minimally invasive open flow microperfusion (OFM) can be used …

  • to continuously sample ISF without the limitations of membranes.
  • for direct access to the interstitial fluid (ISF) of brain (cOFM), skin (dOFM), and adipose tissue (aOFM).
  • for multiple sampling sessions in the same animal, thereby reducing the number of animals.

OFM derives better data and drives better decisions

  • Valuable tool in neuroscience, dermatology, oncology, biomarker research and PK/PD studies.
  • Monitoring of substances with excellent temporal resolution.
  • Absolute quantification of substances.
  • No limitation regarding lipophilicity, protein binding, molecular size including antibodies, nanocarriers up to living cells.
  • Competitive edge in characterizing:
    • Bound and Unbound Drug
    • Peptides and Proteins
    • Antibodies
    • Transporters
    • Enzymes
    • Vesicles
    • Cells
  • In mice, rats, dogs, pigs, primates.
  • Reduces costs and development time by providing the pharmacological profile of a drug at an earlier phase in drug development. Companies learn at a very early stage whether a drug has the potential to be marketed.


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